Use your Instant Messaging apps without worry in over 160 destinations for as low as $0.30 a day!

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More than just chatting…

With as low as $0.30 a day you can use your favourite messaging apps on your phone or tablet while on the move: no need for wifi – use the Ping SIM to text endlessly, send videos, share photos and even call all your contacts using the supported apps!

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How it works
Follow these 3 simple steps to get started with your Ping account and enjoy unlimited instant messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber and many more.
FOR $12

buy a sim for $10
Free SIM card including $12 worth of credit

activate it
Follow the simple instructions provided with the SIM

get pinging
Enjoy this hassle free service

Get the most out of your SIM

Get an extra 24 hours of messaging, calling, photo sending and video sharing for just $1.

You can also call and SMS using the same SIM card. Simply top up your general account balance.

Hear what our Pingers have to say

- What a discovery! Got to know about Ping through a friend and I never looked back. Great SIM if you travel often and use Messaging Apps a lot. Super low cost.

Jonathan, South Africa

- Ping is great. Saving so much on my roaming when I travel to see my parents.

Carlo, Sao Paolo

- I only use WhatsApp and Messenger when I'm abroad so ping was the most natural choice. 25c a day is ridiculously cheap and suits me just fine.

Maria, Lisbon

- My year is spent travelling between home and work and my phone bills used to be a nightmare! With Ping I'm already seeing a huge difference. Saving a LOT more now!

Peter, Poland

-I'm constantly travelling because of my work and this SIM has been a life saver! Thank you Ping for keeping me in touch with my family and friends whether I'm in New York, Paris, or Shanghai!

Laura, Moscow