Frequently Asked Questions

You may browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to get answers regarding any queries. Should you have any other questions,  kindly contact our customer care team.

What is Ping?

Ping is a prepaid tariff allowing the frequent traveller to send text messages, make calls and share photos/videos using supported chat apps. Ping is a service powered by Forbesfone.

How do I configure my Ping SIM to my device?

Ping will send you an SMS with a URL that will automatically configure your device. Kindly click on this link. Please note that Wi-Fi is needed to do this should you be using an iPhone device. Alternatively you may configure your device by manually setting:

Access Point Name (APN) to
For iOS go to Settings/Cellular/Cellular Data Network
For Android go to Settings/More Networks/Mobile Networks/Access Point Names/

Where can I purchase Ping from?

You can purchase a Ping SIM card from this site by going here. Once the purchase is finalised, a Ping SIM will be delivered at the address you provide during the checkout process.

How long is the delivery process?

The delivery process takes up to 5 days. Should you require further information please contact our customer care on

How do I start using Ping?

You need to log in to your Ping account once you’ve received your SIM. Here you are kindly asked to tick the check box ‘I have received my SIM card’ in order to confirm the receipt of your SIM and click on the ‘Activate SIM’ tab.

How does Ping work?

Ping is a re-occurring service which is renewed every 24 hours. With €0.25/$0.30 a day, Ping allows you to send unlimited text messages using your favourite chat apps. Every 24 hours, €0.25/$0.30 will be deducted from your Ping Balance (should there be enough funds) which will extend your unlimited text messaging for another 24 hours.

What is Ping Balance?

The Ping Balance is the balance from which the daily €0.25/$0.30 is deducted. This will go to your text messages, calls and photo/video sharing using your favourite chat apps.

What happens if I have insufficient funds in my Ping Balance?

Ping will notify you at €/$ Five, €/$ One and when your balance has been completely used up. In order to continue benefitting from the 24 hour unlimited text message, please top up this balance. After a successful top-up, your €0.25/$0.30 daily allowance will be automatically deducted, extending your service by 24 hours.

Where if I use up my daily data allowance before the 24 hours are up?

For those extra busy days when you need to send more photos and videos than usual, you can get more out of your Ping service by opting for an instant recharge of €1/$1.

Will I be charged €0.25/$0.30 daily even when not using my Ping SIM?

Yes, €0.25/$0.30 will still be deducted from your Ping Balance.

How does instant recharge work?

When your daily data allowance is used up before the 24 hours are up, you will receive an SMS with a link to instantly recharge your daily data allowance. The click of this link will pass a transaction worth €1/$1 on the credit card which was previously registered when purchasing your Ping product. If the transaction is successful, you can continue messaging endlessly with Ping for another 24 hours.

How much does Ping cost?

SIM activation is free of charge. You only need to pay €10/$12 which is used for topping up your Ping Balance. You will therefore have a free SIM and €10/$12 worth of credit to be used for your daily allowance charge (€0.25/$0.30).

How much usage do I get with Ping?

Usage varies according to country. Kindly click here to view your usage allowance per country.

How can I top-up my Ping account?

You can top up by logging in to your Ping account using your personal details that you provided during the registration process, click on Overview, and top up the Ping Balance (top part).

What chatting apps can I use with Ping?

You can use any of the following chat apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, Skype, Viber, QQ mobile, Telegram Messenger, Kakao Talk, WeChat, Allo & iMessage. More apps are added regularly, therefore we suggest you contact our customer care to keep updated with our newest supported apps.

With €0.25/$0.30, can I download the supported chat apps from Play Store/App Store?

Kindly download the supported chat apps when you are in a WiFi zone.

Can I still make standard calls, and send standard text messages if I am using Ping?

Yes, you can use Ping and still use the SIM to make calls and send text messages, without using chat apps as long as you have funds in your General Account Balance. Rates for this vary from country to country. Please check our rates here.

What is the General Account Balance?

This is the Balance used for standard services such as calls and text messages NOT made or sent through Ping supported chat apps. If you wish to use these services, you will need to top up the General Account Balance beforehand.

How do I top up the General Account Balance?

You can top up by logging in to your Ping account using your personal details that you provided during the registration process, click on Overview, and top up the General Account Balance (bottom part).

What is the difference between the Ping Balance and the General Account Balance?

The Ping Balance is used for the Ping service, which includes the daily allowance of €0.25/$0.30 to be used on chat apps. The General Account Balance is credit used on standard services such as making calls or sending text messages, NOT done through chat apps.

How is Ping different from the other Forbesfone plans?

Ping allows you to use chat apps to send unlimited text messages for only €0.25 a day. With Ping you can benefit from extremely low cost roaming and unlimited use of chat apps. Apart from text messages you can also make calls and share photos and videos using the supported chat apps.

If I am a Forbesfone client, can I switch my current product to Ping?

If you are a Forbesfone client and wish to buy the Ping product, you need to purchase with a different email address to the one you are currently registered on with Forbesfone.

What is Ping Students?

Ping Students is a dedicated Ping product for the student who makes frequent use of mobile Internet and messaging apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, etc. Ping Students also includes extra features. For more information, please click here.